Is the weather bitterly cold? How do you rate Antarctica against an African safari? How long in advance did you have to plan? You want to tick off that seventh continent on your bucket list but have a thousand and one questions. We have started the ball rolling with some questions to our colleagues Jessica and Andy who have been on Antarctica cruises. Drop us your burning questions and we will help you ask the experts!

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What was your most memorable experience?

Jessica: Seeing a Humpback Whale breach just meters away from our zodiac! That was scary yet exhilarating! Seeing the calving glaciers were another highlight!
Andy: Thanks to my eagle-eyed expedition guide, spotting a very rare Emperor Penguin briefly swimming and surfacing alongside our zodiac! We were the envy of everyone!

Which were your favorite Antarctic fauna?

Jessica: The cheeky-looking Chinstrap Penguins!
Andy: The cute Weddell Seals and the sole Emperor Penguin! 

Which was your favorite landing site?

Jessica: Deception Island with the black sand beach and hot springs.
Andy: Definitely Neko Harbor with the large Gentoo Penguin colony, with calving glaciers in the backdrop, and a high vantage point from which to take in the mindblowing white-and-bluescapes.

If you had a chance to go back to Antarctica, where would it be?

Jessica: Though I wouldn’t mind going back anywhere in Antarctica, Weddell Sea for the tabular ice bergs! 
Andy: Technically not Antarctica, but South Georgia for King Penguins, and if I ever won the lottery, definitely the Atka Bay Emperor Penguin Colony and the Geographic South Pole!

A tip for would-be Antarctica travelers?

Jessica: Bring perspiration-wicking innerwear! Yes, it can get warm in Antarctica! When there’s no wind and clear skies, the temperatures can hover above freezing point, even in the early season. With the exertion from hiking up steep slopes, you will be uncomfortably drenched inside and the last thing you would want is to catch a chill from your cotton t-shirt sticking to your skin.
Andy: Being a non-photographer, I learnt this the hard way! To prevent camera lens condensation and temperature shock after returning to your heated room, while outdoors, make sure to wrap your camera in an airtight Ziploc bag packed with silica gel, and squeeze out the air. If possible, allow it to warm up gradually in a well-insulated equipment bag or cooler.

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