Also known as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, Japan is a country steeped deep in rich culture and traditions. It’s also, however, a country that is at the forefront of technology and development. Travelling in Japan gives tourists the chance to experience a whole new world of culture, food and natural wonders. From exploring Japan’s rich culinary scene to wandering through the majestic temples, you will never run out of things to do when visiting the beautiful country. 

  • Enter Into the World of the Monks on Mount Koya 

  • Explore Himeji, Japan's most beautiful surviving feudal castle

  • Island-hopping around Japan’s Seto Inland Sea 

  • Explore a different Nara without deers 

  • Unforgettable experiences from onsens to gastronomy with traditional ryokan stays     

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  • Venturing inside the jet-black castle of Matsumoto—aptly nicknamed Crow Castle 

  • Discover the emerald waters of Kamikochi Wetlands in the Japanese Alps 

  • Stroll the atmospheric alleys of Edo-era Takayama 

  • See the spectacular mountain valleys & traditional houses of Shirakawa-go 

  • Wander around the ‘Little Kyoto’ of Japan in Kanazawa – for the country’s best gardens and beautifully preserved neighbourhoods

  • Explore the temples and Edo-period merchant district in Nara

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  • Chow down on a bowl of rich, creamy tonkotsu ramen in Fukuoka

  • Visit historic pottery towns of Karatsu and Imari

  • Explore Gunkanjima, an abandoned coal mining island 

  • Soak in the beauty of Takachiho Gorge

  • Walk along the crater of Mt. Aso

  • Hike through ancient World Heritage forests of Yakushima

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