Mongolia ranks high on the bucket list for adventurous travelers in search of Earth’s last untouched landscapes. Ask the locals and they will probably start gushing about the spectacular countryside, vast steppes, rugged mountains, clear lakes and abundant wildlife and livestock. Some areas are so remote you could drive a full day and see almost no signs of human habitation. A trip to Mongolia represents the ultimate adventure and a chance to experience true wilderness.

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  • Experience nomadic life in traditional Mongolian gers at scenic locations

  • Learn about the history of the Mongolian Empire through significant historic sites

  • Meet the Abbot of Erdene Zuu Monastery of Kharakhorum

  • Gain historical insight about a 2000-year-old ancient rock inscription 

  • Visit the eerily beautiful Singing Sand Dunes in the remote Gobi Desert

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  • Experience the art of the Eagle Hunting in the Western Mongolia

  • Learn about the rich traditions of both the Kazakhs in the Western Mongolia and Mongols the Southern Mongolia

  • Visit the Northernmost desert in the world

  • Ride the two-humped Bactrian camel across towering sand dunes

  • Step back in time by visiting the ancient rock petroglyphs of the Havtsgait mountain

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